• Torus bangle
  • Torus bangle

Torus bangle

$620.00 USD


The Torus Collection is one of the ANDRONIKE collection inspired by an ancient Korean legendary Joseon Dynasty.

The Garakji Ring was a status symbol of the married woman during the Joseon reign.

The timeless look of this collection makes it ANDRONIKE’s bestseller and a must have for every woman and man.

The Torus bangle is beautiful on it’s own or combined with the Fine hall bangle.

This stylish collection is created from recycled and re-refined .925 sterling silver.

ANDRONIKE designs for a better world.

ANDRONIKE Torus is a bangle made in .925 sterling silver.

Styling suggested with Egg & Dart bangle and Torus ring.

Measurements (IN)

Small: .50" W 2.3" D

Medium: .50" W 2.4" D

Large: .50" W 2.8" D

Measurements (MM)

Small: 12mm W 58mm D

Medium: 12mm W 62mm D

Large: 12mm W 67mm D

* approximate measurements

** wide x inner diameter

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