Bracelet Size Guide


Our bracelet lengths ranges from 6.0" to 8.5", depending on the type of bracelet and design. By measuring your wrist size with the directions below, you will be able to find your perfect bracelet fit.

To measure the correct bracelet size of your wrists, calculate the circumference of your wrist above the wrist bone (towards the elbow) with a flexible tape measurer. Once you have found your exact size, compare your wrist measurement to the chart and choose the bracelet size that corresponds to the measurement.


Our bracelets and bangles are designed to fit comfortably with the upper range of the wrist measurement. However, our bracelets and bangles are also designed to accommodate with your personal style. As a result, if your wrist measurement is approximately 6.0”, a size Small will fit comfortably. If you prefer a looser fit, a size Medium is also wearable.