ANDRONIKE Craftsmanship

The jewelry of ANDRONIKE reflects the brand’s influence from contemporary art, architecture, design and classic western and eastern culture.

Our fascination for the endless amount of possibilities in combining precious metals and techniques, highly skilled silver and goldsmiths with tremendous experience handcraft each ANDRONIKE piece, resulting in high quality jewelry.

 Working with gold and silver, designer Hanna J. Grey and ANDRONIKE crafters use recycled metals, as the brand understands the destructive impact mining has on the environment. Our reclaimed metals are re-refined back into their pure elements. They are of identical quality to newly mined metals. 

ANDRONIKE also features the finest diamonds and gemstones, complimenting ANDRONIKE’s durable silver and gold metal jewelry. From extremely skilled craftsmanship to timeless modern jewelry designs, there is a classic element present in each and every one of ANDRONIKE's pieces.