Where is my order?
You can access your account via ‘My Account’. While in the menu, click to View my order.

My order is incomplete, where are the other items?
Please email info@andronike.com to better communicate about the problem at hand.

Why are there multiple charges on my credit card?
There should not be multiple charges on your credit card. Please email info@andronike.com to immediately resolve this problem.

How do I cancel or change my order?
Once the order is confirmed, we do not have the ability to cancel it. As a result, we will give you a full refund. And once you receive it, you can made a new purchase order.

What countries do you ship to?
USA and International shipping available.

Do you deliver on Saturdays?
Our offices only handle orders on only business days. However, the carrier that delivers your order may operate on the weekends. Please check your tracking number to track the exact time and date of when your order will arrive.

Do you charge sales taxes?
Sales tax is applied to all USA orders. However, depending on the location of deliver, the percentage fluctuates.

How do I check the status of my Andronike.com order?
You can check the status of your Andronike.com order by visiting Andronike.com and logging in. When you see your order invoice, you will see a tracking number. Copy this number and go to Check Status of an Order then paste the numbers. Once you submit, you will see where exactly your purchase is in transit.

How do I receive Andronike.com promotions and special offers?
Please sign up for the emailing list on the website below.

Do you have size charts?
Yes, please click the link below called ‘size chart’.

Do I need an account to make a purchase at Andronike.com?
No, you can purchase without an account. However, we strongly advise you to make an account so that you can easily track your order and stay up to date with Andronike.com promotions.

How do I return my Andronike.com order?
You can return your order to the following address:
Andronike Product Return
242 Mulberry St.
New York, NY 10012

What is your price adjustment policy?
Prices on Andronike.com are subject to change without notice. Please expect to be charged the price of the Andronike merchandise you buy as it is listed on the day of purchase in stores and online.

How do I return an Andronike.com gift that I received?
You can return an Andronike.com gift by sending it as a return to the store and we will give you store credit at the same amount as the product.

How do I locate a style not listed on Andronike.com?
If there is any style that is missing on Andronike.com that you saw at the flagship store, please email info@andronike.com. Either the product came out the same day or the style may have been discontinued.

What if I have a problem with my Andronike.com product?
Your satisfaction with our product is our number one priority. If you have any problem with our products, please email info@andronike.com.

Can I ship my order to an international location?
Yes, you may ship your order to an international location, however, it will cost more and international lost delivers are out of our scope of help.

Will my Andronike.com purchase arrive gift-wrapped?
No. We do not do special gift-wrapping for Andronike.com purchases. However, your item will be neatly packaged into the Andronike brand pouch, box and bag.

Can I include a personalized gift message with my purchase?
No. At this time, we cannot customize your order with a message. However, in the future, we might.

Is all Andronike merchandise available for purchase online?
Yes. We work very hard to make all of Andronike jewelry and designs available to you anywhere you go.

Do other websites or stores sell authentic new Andronike merchandise?
No. Andronike merchandise can only be sold on our website and flagship store in Noho. Please do not purchase these items from third party sellers because it is mostly likely illegal and not authentic.

Where can I report a possible counterfeit Andronike knockoff?
Reporting a possible Andronike counterfeit knockoff would make you a superstar! Please email info@andronike.com to report such happening.