Green Statement

ANDRONIKE operates in an ecologically conscious and sustainable manner through the use of environmentally friendly materials and socially responsible manufacturing and labor practices. 

ANDRONIKE uses 100% recycled and re-refined precious metals. Our reclaimed gold, silver and platinum metals are re-refined back into their pure elements. They are of identical quality to newly mined metals. 

All jewelry is designed and handmade in the New York with eco friendly precious metals and elements from all over the world. Materials are sourced from recycled precious metals and in some designs precious stones from all around the world

To continue our brand in the most environmental responsible way, all our packaging is produced with 100% recycled materials. Including:

  • Box and shopping bag : Handmade from recycled and earth-friendly paper. The tree bark used to make the packaging is harvested from the mulberry tree in such a way that the tree continues to grow, undamaged. This sustainable process is centuries old and ensures the preservation of ancient forests.
  • Jewelry pouch : natural and organic dyeing fabric (cotton)

ANDRONIKE has a strict recycling and zero waste programs in every offices and laboratories in New York, Seoul and Tokyo. The company started the echo friendly programs from 2002 and has been encouraging every staff members by regular training program.


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