ANDRONIKE Designer Hanna J. Grey

Hanna J. Grey is a New York City based jewelry designer and founder of ANDRONIKE. She was born and raised in South Korea. While growing up, she was strongly influenced by the art that surrounded her. Hanna was fascinated by the works of art she observed and thus began to creating art herself. She would design and create dresses for her dolls as well as for herself. This artistic passion led her to Hongik Fine Arts University in Seoul, South Korea, where she studied fine art and sculpting. While in college, she was exposed to urban street art, indie music, art galleries and artistic ateliers. She began working for a ceramic artist creating and exhibiting terracotta ceramic art. 

In 1995, fascinated by western culture, Hanna J. Grey moved to Barcelona as she fell in love with the art and architecture. Every moment in Spain served as her influence. There, she continued drawing, sculpting, painting and photography, displaying her works in Barcelona's art galleries. Continuing her art studies at the University of Barcelona Fine Arts, she began to illustrate and work on films. Hanna has art directed and designed art films in Seoul with the Korean Film Council.

Hanna J. Grey began sculpting her own jewelry with silver clay to fill her style need for unique but comfortable jewelry. As demand for Hanna’s designs grew, she developed her own collection of jewelry pieces.

Hanna J. Grey brings the same detailed and creative approach to her jewelry work as an experienced sculptor, fine artist, and photographer. Her ultimate goal is to empower and enhance one’s natural shine. As a result, Hanna’s jewelry line draws inspiration from architectural details. Body parts where jewelry is worn such as arms, neck, fingers; she views like small pillars supporting the body's construction. Like Catholic churches and Buddhist temples, great details of these architectures cannot be seen up close since the main structural silhouette overcomes them.  Up close, the small beautiful details become visible and lively just as Hanna’s jewelry does for any bearer.

In 2014, Hanna J. Grey moved to New York City and launched her own jewelry line, “ANDRONIKE”. Her work combines simple designs with timeless aesthetics. The result: jewelry that stays true to her style and cultural experiences. Hanna believes jewelry should not outshine the bearer. For this reason, she appreciates and works with natural gems and metals. Hanna aspires to turn these materials into wearable jewelry while staying true to the innate characteristics of the metals.