Necklace Size Guide


Our necklaces are created to accommodate for all our customer’s size, style and preferences. As a result, ANDRONIKE necklaces have the ability to be shortened or elongated. You can vary the length of your necklace by connecting your necklace into the two different links provided for you. Below is a useful guide for the lengths of ANDRONIKE necklaces (in). Please use these approximate measurements to find your perfect necklace fit before purchase.

ANDRONIKE small necklaces with small pendants are approximately 16” with a one-inch extender making it approximately 17”.
ANDRONIKE medium necklaces with medium pendants are approximately 16.5” with a one-inch extender making it approximately 17.5”.
ANDRONIKE large pendent necklaces are approximately 23” with a one-inch extender making it approximately 24”.


16" fits like a standard necklace on your collarbone.
16.5" falls a little bit lower than your standard necklace.
23" falls right above the chest.


A 16-­‐inch necklace falls perfectly around the base of the neck and fits like a standard necklace near your collarbone. For pe>te frames, a 16-­‐inch necklace might hang slightly lower from to your collarbones. Most necklaces come in 16-­‐inch length and a simple necklace will match with almost all ouXits and necklines.

A 16.5-­‐inch necklace, as the more popular choice among women, will fall just below the throat at your collarbone. This type of necklace will complement low cut shirts and may give off a nice contrast to your ouXit. For plus size women, this necklace may feel like a choker.

A 23-­‐inch necklace will fall right above the chest, which allows for more breathing room. Some women prefer this long necklace with a business look or casual dress. This type of length will also be a perfect choice for layering on necklaces of various sizes.

Please note that all measurements and size assumptions are approximated. Everyone is built beau>fully different so some descrip>ons and advice may not apply to every individual. Thank you.


18" fits at the base of the neck, for small neck sizes
20" falls at the collarbone. The most common length for men
24" falls just above the sternum