Placing an Order

Your order is extremely important to us. For this reason alone, we have explained the whole process of how to place your order with


We make sure our entire inventory is accurately and sufficiently updated. However, many popular items may be out of stock. If this occurs, you will not be able to purchase the specific item in the exact size. You will know if any item is out of stock because you will not be able to make that specific selection. If you are able to place an item into your cart, this means that the item is in stock and ready for purchase. However, in the rare case that an item is out of stock after you have made a purchase order, you will be immediately noticed by email of any updates and changes to your order. These changes will also be reflected in your total order amount.


If you pre-order an item, your form of payment will be charged according to your payment method at the time your item becomes available. The pre-order shipping dates that are displayed when making such purchase are only an estimation of when it might be shipped. The items may be shipped before or after the estimated shipping date depending on when the merchandise becomes available.


Special orders include needing additional sizes, beyond those offered within, needing a repair completed, custom designs, engravings, needing a specific quantity of a specific style, and etc. These items take up to a month for it to become available and be shipped because they are handmade with great detail. Once your item is ready to ship, your form of payment will be charged and a shipping confirmation will be emailed to the email address of your account or the one you ordered with, if checked out as a guest.

To place a special order, please email Please provide us with the following information:

Name, Address, Phone number, Email address, Item name, size, material.


When clicking Add to Bag, your selected pieces will be saved to your cart while you continue to shop throughout the ANDRONIKE site. Your items will be placed in the bag.


  • UPDATE THE QUANTITY – you may add or decrease the amount you would like to purchase.
  • REMOVE AN ITEM FROM YOUR CART – simply click remove next to the item you would like to disregard.
  • CONTINUE SHOPPING – if you continue to shop, you can automatically leave the your bag page and continue shopping. The items placed in your bag will be saved for 5 minutes. You are always able to revisit your virtual shopping bag anytime while shopping throughout the site.
  • PROCEED TO CHECKOUT – Once you are ready to purchase your items, proceed to checkout by clicking Checkout. After this, you will be able to review your order once more with the official total of your purchase, which may or may not include tax, sales, tax, shipping costs, etc. Once you have confirmed your shipping and billing information, you will be directed to the correct final order page where you can confirm your order.
  • EDIT DETAILS – if you would like to edit or view your cart, click edit next to the item you wish to change or view. You will be able to edit the size of the item. Once you have made your alterations, you can click update to lock in your preferences.