Product Care

ANDRONIKE jewelry has been designed and manufactured to the highest quality of standards. Jewelry should be maintained and cared for very carefully. The more care you give, the more its beauty and longevity. ‘Love it and it will love you back’. In order to preserve your ANDRONIKE jewelry, while being able to wear it daily, do not expose your jewels to extreme hot or cold temperatures. Please take off your pieces before entering a water filled zone. When not in wear, always safeguard your jewel in the pouch provided by yours truly, ANDRONIKE.

Occasional examination and upkeep of jewelry will help reduce costly repairs and replacements. When inspecting, look for loose or chipped stones, worn out links, bent metal or malfunctioning clasps. If an issue is found, the piece should be repaired immediately before further damage or loss may occur. It is highly recommended that jewelry be professionally cleaned at least once a year.

Our authorized repair specialists should only repair ANDRONIKE jewelry. Our facilities have exclusive knowledge of ANDRONIKE products and are experienced professionals who can repair ANDRONIKE designs. To find out how to deliver your piece for repair, please email cs@ANDRONIKE.COM.

How to clean your ANDRONIKE jewelry

Overtime, cosmetics, perfume, lotions and natural skin oils can make jewelry appear dull. Below are tips for keeping your pieces clean and shiny.


Always store your jewelry in its original case. If this is unfeasible, use the protective ANDRONIKE pouch. To avoid scratches and tarnishing each piece of jewelry should be stored separately and bracelets should always be stored flat. Never store your ANDRONIKE jewelry in a leather pouch or bag.

Silver Metal Jewelry

Everyday interactions with air, dust and other natural particles can tarnish silver metal, especially places with extreme amounts of Sulfur, which includes hair products, leather and Chlorine. Since these are unavoidable elements of everyday life, it is important to maintain your jewelry piece with these specific directions. Wipe down your silver jewelry with clean smooth cotton, a flannel cloth or sterling silver specialized cleaning cloth.

We recommend you wear ANDRONIKE jewelry pieces everyday. If worn everyday, please wipe the piece with a polishing cloth. If the piece is worn occasionally, we advise that you wipe down the jewelry with warm water and mild soap. Once you do so, place the jewel in the ANDRONIKE pouch provided during purchase. Regular wear of your ANDRONIKE sterling silver can also help prevent tarnishing.

To remove stubborn tarnish, clean your silver jewelry with warm water and mild soap. There are many non- abrasive polishes available on shelves designed to remove tarnish. However, always read the warning labels carefully. 

18 K Gold Metal Jewelry

Please take off your ANDRONIKE gold jewelry at night and store them flat to prevent kinking and breaking.

Most gold jewelry can be safely cleaned with a non- harsh jewelry cleaner. Never use creamy jewelry cleaners on gold because they may contain coarse abrasives that will scratch the surface of the jewelry. Avoid contact with perfume, soap, hairsprays and cosmetics.

If the gold tarnishes fast, wipe down the gold jewelry piece with warm water and soft soap or non- abrasive liquid detergent. Always rinse completely and blot dry with a polishing cloth. Then rinse thoroughly and polish with a soft cloth. This will help you let the gold maintain its original brand-new look.

Platinum Metal Jewelry

Platinum metal is hypoallergenic and tarnish- resistant, making it perfect for people with sensitive skin. Platinum’s purity makes it the perfect choice for customers with allergies or those who wish to wear their jewelry all the time without feat of discoloration.

It is inevitable that all jewelry is going to have signs of wear; however, due to Platinum’s durability and purity, there will be little metal loss when the piece is scratched. Our jewelers can polish your Platinum jewel to remove or reduce surface scratches.

To carefully clean your platinum jewel, use gentle dish washing soap and a bowl of warm water then soak the piece into a bowl. After cleaning, remember to pat the jewelry till it is completely dried and place into the ANDRONIKE pouch.