Ring Size Guide


To find your perfect ring fit, take a string or strip of paper and wrap it around the finger you intend to wear your ANDRONIKE ring on. Once you have went a full circle and met the string or strip of paper on the other end of your finger, mark the placement where they both met. Flatten out the distance you have measured and place a ruler to find the circumference measurement. Take this number and divide it by 3.14 to get the diameter. Using the table shown below, look for the measurement that matches the size you have just measured. This match is your ring size. Before choose a set size however, please read the important tips below.

To find your ring size, begin placing your perfect fitting ring on top of these circles. The outer edge of the circle should align with the inner part of your ring.

Tips to be aware of:

  • To get the best accurate size of your fingers, please measure your finger at the end of your day, when your fingers are usually at its largest size.
  • Measure your finger size when your hand is warm at room temperature, not when they are cold.
  • Please note that the width is extremely important when determining your right finger sizes.
  • A wide ring might require a larger fit because it will cover more of your fingers.